Our Products

At Vegan Fried Chick’n, we are making it possible to eat what you want, without the compromise. Enjoy our Chick’n product range today!

Chick’n Fillets

Our southern style Chick’n Fillets delivers on the flavour with our signature herb and spices batter. Easy to cook and a perfect pairing for your favourite flavour combos. Each bite will take you back to the good ole finger lickin’ days.

Popcorn Chick’n

Popcorn style Chick’n pieces battered in our signature secret herbs and spices. These bite-sized golden gems will even give the colonel a run for his money. Enjoy them on their own or dip ‘em in something saucy.

Chick’n Souvlaki

Marinated in our signature zesty lemon and herbs sauce, this quick and easy to cook treat is packed full of flavour. Guaranteed to make you double check to make sure if its not actually real chicken. Eat it on its own or add it to your own favourite recipes.